SPI 775: What You Need to Know Before Creating Software For Your Audience

#775 Selling a piece of software you've created and grown can be a massive windfall. But where do you start if you have an idea for a tool or service but can't write any code? What do you need to know upfront, and what would working with a programmer or development team cost? In episode 772, I offered you a sneak peek at my newest software venture. Now, Dave Chesson and Bhanuka Harischandra of Surge Global are joining me to reveal even more about this project and process. Together with their incredible team in Sri Lanka, Dave and Bhanuka are helping me bring my vision to life. So, how do you decide if your idea is worth building and investing in? What are the hidden costs of developing and maintaining software? How do you build something that actually works and attracts users? Tune in to find out! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session775 ( ) .

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Charlie Page

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