How To Rank Your Website on ChatGPT

How to Rank Your Website on ChatGPT

I know ChatGPT doesn’t rank websites like traditional SEO, but it still can recommend companies and products.

We asked ChatGPT over 100 questions to figure out what makes them recommend a company or product.

We asked questions like…

What’s the best laptop for college students?

What’s a great credit card when you have a low credit score?

What’s the best electric SUV?

What headphone brand should I buy for watching movies?

I then took the questions and answers and gave them to a statistician and data analyst to see if there were any patterns.

They analyzed 82 factors but found 6 of them to have a strong correlation.

Here’s what we found matters to ChatGPT:

Now I know ChatGPT pulls data from before September 2021. But eventually, their index will be live and closer to real-time like Bard.

So, if you focus on the above metrics, you’ll find that in the long run, ChatGPT will recommend you more.

Charlie Page

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