How A 110-Year-Old Company Grew Its Sales From $73 To $750 Million

How a 110-year-old company grew its sales from $73 to $750 million.

Have you heard of the company Stanley?

It’s an old company that sells tumblers, cups, and bottles.

Their target audience… men at job sites who need to stay hydrated.

It wasn’t a bad market… it got them to $73 million a year in sales.

But in 2019 a popular women’s blog post about Stanley, it went viral… serval times.

Instead of ignoring it, they embraced it.

They took the same products and released them in pastels and other colorful versions.

Through influencer marketing, they were able to get the awareness out about their new colored variations targeting women.

It was so successful that they sold out multiple times and even created wait lists.

Fast forward to today, they now do $750 million a year in sales.

Moral of the story… you may already have the right product or service, you may just be targeting the wrong audience.

Don’t wait 110 years to figure that out like Stanley.

Charlie Page

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