A Lot of Marketers Are Worried That SEO is Dead and Won’t Exist Anymore

A lot of marketers are worried that SEO is dead and won’t exist anymore.

Well one number tells a different story.

$32.78 billion.

It’s the revenue generated by Google’s partner network (AdSense) in 2022.

And can you guess how those sites get their traffic? SEO is a good chunk of it.

It’s not profitable grow your AdSense site through paid ads. You have to organically get the traffic.

And Google knows killing SEO impacts their revenue. They would need time to test and figure out alternative ways to make up that revenue.

SEO will change and some sites will lose traffic from certain queries… but it doesn’t mean SEO will disappear. It will just change.

Especially because with certain search queries Google will struggle with an accurate answer. Just think about asking Google a health related question. They know the AI won’t always give the correct result which could harm people.

And removing inaccurate information isn’t easy. Just search for anything online, chances are you will find pages ranking with inaccurate information.

Instead of worrying about SEO dying focus on an omni-channel approach. Because this won’t be the last time Google or any platform makes a change that negatively impacts your marketing.

Charlie Page

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