10 Years Ago, 31.4% Of Companies Were Actively Leveraging Digital Marketing

10 years ago, 31.4% of companies were actively leveraging digital marketing.

Fast forward to today, that number has increased to 96.1%.

That’s roughly 3x more competitors.

So, do you think you can win by just creating some clever marketing campaigns and a cool landing page?

You can’t!

No matter what you do, your competition is going to eventually copy you.

Even if you adjust your product or service or price… it’s just a matter of time before someone copies you.

So how do you stand out today? You must do something crazy that no one else dares to copy.

For example, we gave away free marketing software that cost us millions of dollars to attract leads.

Between all our software, there isn’t a month where we don’t generate at least 160,000 new leads.

You can do this in consumer as well.

Orabrush was giving away their tongue cleaner for free to generate revenue on the backend by upselling other products.

And when Amazon introduced Prime, people thought they were crazy because the deal was too good to be true.

It was, they lost money on Prime, but it helped them increase their LTV and they of course won. So what do you dare to do?

Charlie Page

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